Back in 2009, the ThyssenKrupp Group incorporated all of its subsidiaries that sold and manufactured acrylic and plastic into the ThysennKrupp Plastics International GmbH company. The company mainly manufactures various materials and specific elements for construction companies, visual communications and various industries, but also exports acrylic glass.

Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries is one of the leading companies that produce specialized chemicals and various derivatives. The company employs over 33 thousand people worldwide and participates in various industries throught its subsidiaries. Evonik has been the leader in the acrylic market for years through their Plexiglas® brand, one of the finest acrylic products in the world. The quality and endurance of Plexiglas® have ensured the brand’s presence in almost every industry worldwide, as well as international recognition.

Wilkes GmbH

Wilkes GmbH has been present on the acrylic market for 50 years now. Through its seven subsidiaries in Germany and one in Austria, with over a hundred employees, Wilkes distributes acrylic sheets and other products, mainly for the construction and marketing industries.


Despite being a fairly new company, the Belgian Polycasa actually isn't a new name in the world of acrylic and plastic – the company had successfully operated for many years under the name Quinn Plastics. The company offers a variety of acrylics and plastic derivatives that meet the highest quality standards.


The Spanish Nudec company has been operating in the European market for three decades, during which they've positioned themselves as one of the leading European manufacturers of acrylic and plastic materials. The company's advanced and sophisticated product lines are up to date with changes and new trends in the market, which ensures the satisfaction of all clients.

BJE Kunststoffe​

BJE Kunststoffe is an independent company that promotes, initiates and mediates the cooperation between manufacturers and end users. During their twenty years on the market, the company has built a great reputation thanks to their high business standards and they have been partners of a number of renowned Austrian manufactures for years.